My Princess, Daisy
My Princess, Daisy
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jimi1822, Apr 24, 2009
You have My heart felt prayers beautiful green eyed Daisy

                                                                        Your Friend in GOD and the Christ

                                                                                                              jimi(little wing :o)
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HelpinUtah, Apr 24, 2009
Thanks Jimi!  She was laying by the water bowl this morning and drinking and then sleeping.  She doesn't seem to be in as much distress today.  But, I'm still taking her to the vet anyway.  I adore this little girl.  She has a sweet spirit and is so loving.  She's the kind of cat that likes to be in the same room as someone all the time.  She also has quite an attitude too and I love that about her.  She's one of my children!  :) Hugs, Janet
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lovejeajoong, May 05, 2009
Your Daisy is so beautiful !
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Please_Help950, May 08, 2009
Daisy is very Beautiful!!!!!!!!! :) I love all kinds of animals! :) :) :)
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10356, Jun 08, 2009
Daisy is very Beautiful.. I love the way her fur lays on her chest.. she looks so soft.. Hope she likes to snuggle :)
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HelpinUtah, Jun 08, 2009
She is definitely a snuggler.  She's my princess and is spoiled rotten. She's definitely a Mama's girl!  Abby is more of a Daddy's girl.  But, she's deaf and so in the middle of the night when she wants attention she bites my chin (not too hard, but hard enough).  She does it because she knows Mommy will give into anything she wants!  LOL!!!  Hubby tells me a softie when it comes to her - but he's the same way with Abby!  LOL!!!
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jimi1822, Jun 16, 2009
I'm so sorry, I thought she was older I must have been thinking of some else's cat here on MH. She is beautiful and I will keep
her in my Prayers please keep me updated on her progress =0)

                                                                                                                           <3 jimi =0) :o) =)
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zodiacqueen, Jun 22, 2009
I had to come and check out Daisy.  She's absolutely gorgeous.  Now, I can place a face with my prayers!  =D
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HelpinUtah, Jun 22, 2009
Thanks so much!  Yes, on your note about her being a Diva - ABSOLUTELY!  She knows she's a princess!  LOL!!!!  I love her attitude though!  My FIL thinks her attitude is fabulous!  She is NOT afraid of anything either.  LOL!!!!  Thanks again for your prayers!  Hugs, Janet
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April2, Jun 22, 2009
Wow, she looks so much like my Misha! Except her hair is longer. I bet she's just as sweet as my Misha. She sure has a sweet face!