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bny807, Apr 24, 2009
Our little one at 12 weeks!!! : ) : ) : ) such a miraculous site!
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blessedmomof3, Apr 24, 2009
Oh wow, I can't believe how well you can see his/her face!!!! How CUTE!
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hazleyez, Apr 24, 2009
this is so sweet cant wait to see my lil peanut again hopefully will get a great look like yours.. this is a great u/s like the top post said
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Juana824, Apr 24, 2009
How cool is that!! So happy for you!!
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Kash12, Apr 24, 2009
So precious... u r so blessed Bunny. I am reliving my "those" days when I see this :)
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candie429, Apr 27, 2009
Wow, that is an amazing picture!!!  I'm sure you're a little more relieved after seeing your little one.  What a blessing!  Congratulations, I am so happy for you!!  :)
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bny807, Apr 28, 2009
thanks so much girls!!!! it means so much to me!!! i just pray daily the miracle sticks in there!!! :)
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faith_n_love, May 02, 2009
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bam1014, May 02, 2009
Wow, I can't believe how clearly you can see your little beans face!  I always look for your mood updates to see how you are doing.  Truly a beautiful miracle.
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Sri83, May 15, 2009
Wow,,thats beautiful,,