Will this new screened in porch EVER be completed?
Will this new screened in porch EVER be completed?
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TrudieC, May 07, 2009
Wow, this is going to be beautiful with a fireplace too.  Are you waiting on contractors or family?
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butterflytc, May 07, 2009
Looks to me like it will be worth the wait Theresa!
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Teresa222, May 07, 2009
My husband and son-in-law did all the custom woodwork. It took quite a while, but the ceiling and sides are completed as of today. All the wood will be stained a cherry wood color and the fireplace will be stacked stone. The fireplace goes down one story and there is another open fireplace in a patio area below the new porch. It started out as a simple deck.  My husband  always wants to do things the best he can.  Therefore, it's taking a very long time to complete. I am hoping he will let me hire a painter to do the staining. So far, he is insisting on doing it himself. It MIGHT be finished by late Fall...huh? LOL
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lvfrogs, May 08, 2009
oh Teresa that is just gorgeous! I can just picture you sitting out there on cool/cold days with the fireplace going. Where is this off of? The main room or a bedroom? Cherry wood will be so pretty!  and I understand about husbands. Mine is like that too. I will say I would like something (say a bookshelf) and the next thing I know, my husband is wanting to make it, lol.
You won't need the fireplace until fall anyway! LOL
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Sandymac, May 08, 2009
Boy !! That is something ! That is going to be just fantastic! .. well,you have a while before you need a fireplace right? !!
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Teresa222, May 08, 2009
The first chilly night this summer, you can bet we will have a fire going. Colleen: It is off of two bedrooms on the end of our ranch style home.  Each room has French doors leading out to the porch.  One of the bedrooms is a master bedroom layout.