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Fluffysmom, Apr 17, 2008
OMG, is Teddy yours?  I am so impressed I'm speechless!  This is the coolest picture ever!

My Fluffy only has three legs, and weighs about 16 pounds, so he would never learn to do that even if he deigned to.

Great stuff!
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Quixotic1, Apr 17, 2008
Yes, Teddy was my dear, little, demented Burmese.  She didn't have a brain in her sweet little head, but she didn't like sharing the box with the bigger cats.  One day I found her peeing away in delight and praised her.  There after, if you even walked "b
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Want to feel well!!!, Apr 18, 2008
I showed this to my husband and he asked, "Does she flush?"
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spastic, Apr 18, 2008
This is a great pix, Quix.  Gives me hope to potty train my big fat cat, no if I could only get the dogs to do that????
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yorkieville, Apr 18, 2008
Oh, Quix, Teddy was indeed a beautiful girl.  No brain in her little head? Oh, I think she was quite clever, learning how to tinkle on the potty.
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RETIRED53, Jul 24, 2008
That's just sick, lol...
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JENNIEO, Aug 01, 2008
totally amazing - makes anything seem possible!
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ShadowsSister, Sep 09, 2008
Teddy is just like her mommy, AMAZING..
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Janette2836, Sep 30, 2008
No way - if only kids were so easy to potty train  :)
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susieQ1960, Nov 03, 2008
LOL! Once upon a time I had a black male cat that used the toilet for his business. My son told me that he saw the cat using the toilet but I didn't believe him until one day I walked in on the poor guy (the cat, not my son). All things are possible .. Sue