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Well done...keep up the good work!
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Was reading your "answers" for people with facial pain.  However, right now let me congratulate you on 40# loss!  Also appreciated your thorough responses. I too have facial pain and am seeing a Neurologist.  It's been my passenger for years. The immediate concern is being overweight after 2 knee replacements and 1 foot surgery with another planned in Aug.  At 70, gravity sure it a -----!  I'll jump on the MedHelp tracker and get started. Have a great day! Sallee
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Quix,   Did you give up on your weight loss venture?  I kind of did.  Because I can't exercise much any more and am napping more, I've inched back into the early ranges of obese.  Sighhhhh.

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One more thing:  I went to a dietitian who gave me some guidelines to live by:
1.  Write down everything you eat:  Calories/fiber and portion size.
2.  Include 25-35 of fiber daily (this REALLY helps) - limit fruit and no fruit juice.
3.  For me the calorie limit was between 1200 and 1500 daily.
4.  Daily exercise.

There's a great little journal called "Dietminder" that I used which made record-keeping easy.  I found if you focus on getting plenty of fiber, the rest almost takes care of itself.  Always have a little protein with any carbs.  Also having spicy salsa helps satisfy.  Get "carb-smart" tortillas - so much fiber in them!!!!
I'm looking forward to welcoming you into "overweight" soon!!
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Hey Quix,

Well done!!  Keep that weight curve going downward. Having only recently escaped the "obese" category myself (BMI 31), I was incensed and disappointed when I saw that my new rheumy had incorrectly stated in his notes about me that I was "obese."  I beg his pardon!!  I'm a good 9 pounds away from "obese" at this time (between BMIs 28 and 29) . Made me wonder how much of the rest of my assessment he was getting wrong. . . .  Sigh!
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