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Start weight:
184.0 lb
Weight change:
Lost 20.0 lb
Current weight:
164.0 lb
Goal weight:
174.0 lb
% Goal Complete:
% Time Complete:
Goal tracking ended.
Days left:
Goal tracking ended.
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Just a quick note to say hi!
Well done...keep up the good work!
Congratulations! Time for a celebration...
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Well done...keep up the good work! congrats! I know that you worked hard. Way to go!
804276 tn?1480858056
congratulations on your weight loss!!! i don't think you need to lose anymore though, you'll get too thin. great job!!!   big hugs. god bless....
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Congrats on the speedy weight loss!  I just love listening to your journal posts!  You really are a positive and determined man!  
765828 tn?1306263868
20 pounds is a good starting point, especially since you apparently have 187 days left.  Why did you decide you wanted to lose the weight?  And why 20 lbs?  (If you don't mind my asking.)  I'm with Weight Watchers and the first goal is to lose 5% of your weight, then 10% and it really makes a difference even though it seems like a minuscule amount.  You can actually feel the difference.  It's interesting how the program works, too.
Journals for this Tracker

Aug 07, 2009
Got another lb. I am finished and hit my goal. Yippee!

Jul 31, 2009
I finally made it to my goal with days to spare. Now I need to go into maintainence mode so the fat does not return. Yeah

Jul 24, 2009
The scale was nice this morning 166 even. My clothes are fitting really good now. I am excited and this is a life long commitment.
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