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Obsession-Worthy Foods

14 Super-Healthy Foods That Are Worth the Hype

14 Super-Healthy Foods That Are Worth the Hype

We’ve all heard of superfoods—foods with applause-worthy nutrition profiles that help fight off a battery of diseases. And then there are foods that are almost otherworldly, with a mystique, flavor or healing property that stir something in one’s soul. Some have gods named after them, others have inspired wars, and all are delicious, versatile and supremely nutritious.

Here we share our 14 most obsession-worthy foods along with links to our Pinterest boards for recipe ideas inspired by each! 

By Alexia Severson. Published February 3, 2014. Alexia Severson earned her Master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism and is a health and lifestyle writer living in New Mexico.