Autism Social
Neurology - 6 members
This group is for autistics to socialize about normal their interests.
Baby Angels
MedHelp General - 146 members
This is group was designed to give support to grieving parents who's infant has become a Baby Angel. May you find comfort within this group and know that you will never have to walk this journey alone! God Bless All of Our Baby Angels!
Our TTC and Pregnancy after a Loss Group is a Public Group for women to share their conception journeys after a miscarriage. From starting over after a loss; surviving the two week wait; dealing with a BFN; celebrating the coveted BFP and making it through nine months of worry. Baby dust is sprinkled joyfully and liberally all around.
ARS Symptoms
HIV/STDs - 12 members
To discuss Ars Symptoms
Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders Suck!
Thyroid - 154 members
Let's face it; living with thyroid disorders (autoimmune or not) can completely suck! And nobody knows this or truly understands it unless they go through it. This group was created for those who experience the numerous trying symptoms that the thyroid/immune system can throw at us, so we can empathize with one another, and/or share a few tips and tricks to cope.
autism in adults
Neurology - 4 members
support group for parents of adult autistic persons
Ask Peekawho
MedHelp General - 71 members
Possibly only the product of an acute illness with fever, Ask Peekawho is a group for people who want answers--not necessarily the RIGHT answer, but it will be an answer. Answers are heavily slanted towards the negative, glass is half empty type of answer, because that's just how Peekawho rolls.
Hi, I am 49, married and have two older children. I am in poor health and have a terminal illness. My husband and I are considering a very controversial course to have another child before I leave this life. I know many people don't agree with the way we feel and think it is unfair to the child but we have special circumstances as many people do that makes this a possibility. If you are going to the ends of the earth, literally or figuratively to have a child or more children, I invite you to join me on this journey.
Argentinas de 28 dias!
Women's Health - 15 members
Grupo para las argentinas del foro de 28 dias!!!
Baby Dust Ladies
Private - Pregnancy - 4 members
For us old & new baby dust ladies who are TTC or currently pregnant - most of us with baby #2
Children's Health - 7 members
for example if your baby cries alot,let us know,we'll help you...
Arachnoiditis Sufferers
Neurology - 30 members
Arachnoiditis is a rare chronic neuropathic disease that has no cure. If you are looking for others who have this disease, you have found the right place. Take a moment to tell your story. Together we can help each other in our journey with Arachnoiditis.
Back Exercises
Diabetes - 1 member
Ashermans Syndrome
Women's Health - 13 members
Ladies who suffer from or have suffered from Asherman's Syndrome. Uterine adhesions that are caused by a DNC or by uterine trauma. Ladies that are struggling to become pregnant because of uterine adhesions, or ladies who have beat Asherman's and are pregnant or have already given birth. Ladies that struggle from a thin uterine lining do to adhesions. A place to share success stories or fears and frustrations. A place to find treatment, and share ideas.
August 2011 babies
Pregnancy - 20 members
women that are due August 2011 join here to compare stories as we grow together in our pregnancies
Baby Food Group
Children's Health - 34 members
Help, tips and suggestions for parents on the topic of baby food. When to start, how to start, menu suggestions, questions and how to make your own baby food.
Pregnancy - 4 members
If you're pregnant with baby #5 this group if perfect for you we can discuss all the ups and downs and dificulties that come with a big family or if you just want a reason to excape the hectic life we live for a few mins join this group
asthma lalala
Private - Asthma - 1 member
Something more about asthma
asthma ma
Asthma - 3 members
o astmie i nie tylko
Aspergers Social
General Health - 6 members
I have been diagnosed with Asperger's myself. So I thought I would create a group for Aspies to get together, and chat about anything.
August 2012 Babies
Pregnancy - 7 members
For mothers and fathers expecting their new bundles of joy in the month of August, 2012.
Baby Shower
MedHelp General - 1 member
What were your experiences with your baby shower? Were you overwhelmed with the planning? Were you happy or unhappy with the way it turned out? Did you have someone helping you? Did you fill out registries? Did anyone even look at your registry, or purchase anything off of it? How many baby showers did you have? How many months were you when you had your baby shower? What baby items did you find out were the most important to have?...
Artificial Insemination
Men's Health - 1 member
I am an indian Medical Doctor from Kerala state.Can provide Artificial Insemination-Donor service for the required couples . My contact: E-mail: [email protected]
Private - Mental Health - 1 member
solo quiero ayuda para mis problemas
Baby Names <3
Pregnancy - 1 member
Everyone is welcomed to join!!!