Two of my grandgirls
Two of my grandgirls
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erijon, Jan 27, 2010
You should be very proud!

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Flycaster305, Jan 27, 2010
Thanks, Jon.  They are great kids.  The Grandgirl on the right goes to OSU next year, the Grandgirl on the left starts high school next year.  I think each has a B on their transcripts, but they get A's,  they are excellent students.  I'll find another picture of all three of my grandgirls, I'm blessed.  
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erijon, Jan 28, 2010
Oh boy, you're forcing me to post pics of mine!
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Rosemary349, Jan 30, 2010
I agree.  Beautiful granddaughters!  :-)
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Jerry_NJ, Sep 16, 2011
Very nice, almost twins, but the one of the left is clearly younger, not a twin.