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CrazykC, Jul 21, 2010
Inevitable reality..
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margypops, Jun 16, 2011
I like this a lot.. the combination of olde furniture with the tap is interesting ..
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ILADVOCATE, Jun 16, 2011
Thanks. Yes. What I usually put in my collages has to do with emotional memories. I grew up in a house that was from the turn of the century and we had some furniture from around that time as well (inherited from family). A while back before I acquired my physical disability we took some cross country trips and were able to see some houses from that time as well. Also when I was a young person we visited the UK and France which was really enjoyable (and more recently a short trip to Spain) I like how they keep the old houses and antiquities in the shape they are in. I hope to be able to do that again someday after I achieve some physical recovery. A place nearby I have seen more recently is the Old Merchant's House which is in about the exact state it was when people lived there about 150 years ago so that is worth seeing and they have a site for it online as well.
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margypops, Jun 17, 2011
Oh I do so agree with you, I miss the sense of history in England ..I had a house in Cornwall 200 years old had been a smugglers cottage .. I have one or two antiques from family .mostly china and pictures now furniture too heavy to lug around ,.