enjoying tubby with mamma (g-ma)
enjoying tubby with mamma (g-ma)
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1110105 tn?1273294333
armywife88, Apr 29, 2010
How sweet!! :) She looks like she loves taking a bath!
Do you live in military housing??
733930 tn?1286571409
BradyAm, Apr 29, 2010
yeah but she hates it when i give her baths. mommy ***** at baths haha. yes we do live in base housing :)
796506 tn?1370188305
nickieb85, Apr 29, 2010
LOL she is just too cute!
1170344 tn?1275007639
Freaky_Piglet, Apr 29, 2010
So adorable!
1110105 tn?1273294333
armywife88, May 17, 2010
I am horrible at giving my son baths too!! lol It not very easy to do with a squirming unhappy baby! lol

Your sink/counters look EXACTLY like mine...I live in military housing as well. lol