New Hope
New Hope
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IBKleen, Jan 06, 2011
OMG, she is such a beautiful girl!!! And "New Hope" (as in PA) is so cool!! You have done such a wonderful job with her!!!!!
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beatingthis, Jan 06, 2011
She looks a lot better. Look at that sweet face!
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opus88, Jan 06, 2011
you deserve a huge CONGRATULATIONS.....for what you've done for this beautiful animal!!!!
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dominosarah, Jan 06, 2011
She looks like a different Hope!!!  Wow!!  I think she is going to be okay!!  How exciting to see her now!!  You done real good Terry~~~~~~
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Jade59, Jan 06, 2011
Hope is looking healthy and strong, Terry...thanks to you!  I love this picture!
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lifewithoutcoke, Jan 06, 2011
Look at them just watching you! They know you're a beautiful soul and you care so much for them:)