RIBA rash, inside upper arm, Sept 2011
RIBA rash, inside upper arm, Sept 2011
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Gerbils, Nov 04, 2011
Good idea to post a photo! I wish I had thought of it when I had the rash. I hope you get better soon!
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beeblessed, Nov 20, 2011
Oh thanks Gerbils!!  {Just now seeing this}
It was a difficult image to capture because, the rash was skin touching skin, and it was hard to turn my arm that far to take the picture.
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Dee1956, Dec 29, 2011
Dear Bee, thanks so much, that is a very good idea.
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cieritaqt, Apr 04, 2012
I had the worst rash in the beginning, it only lasted a month, then it went away. It was all over every joint, knees, elbows, knuckles, ect. I'm so glad we got through this!
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Dee1956, Sep 20, 2012
This brings back a lot of memories
I am praying for you dear Bee