My After Standing Picture - Red
My After Standing Picture - Red
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threasa, Aug 03, 2008
you look very good   keep up the good work
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JezaR, Aug 07, 2008
Wow!! You look beautiful. Congrats! :)
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Abbey40, Sep 29, 2008
You inspire me to look as good as you do.
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gina09, Nov 03, 2008
You just inspired me to get off the computer and on to my treadmill!!
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Smilerdeb, Nov 10, 2008
You look awesome!
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PrettyKitty1, Feb 13, 2009
And what a beautiful lady you are!!!
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dai3symae, Feb 13, 2009
You look fabulous!!!!   :)
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Ranaesheart, Feb 13, 2009
You are all so kind.  Can't tell you how much better I feel and the self confidence was born.  YOU TOO CAN DO THIS .. never forget that.  Just focus on one day at a time and eventually this happens!  Am here for you .. :)
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PMoon, Feb 13, 2009
You look great! I think I will go out soon and buy a red dress too. Maybe it will help my confidence. Thank you for inspiring all of us!
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jimi1822, Jun 12, 2009
You are Beautiful Inside and Out =0)