In Mexico, attracting the ladies
In Mexico, attracting the ladies
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erijon, Sep 07, 2008
Looks like you're having WAYYYY too much fun.....................

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Jack54, Sep 09, 2008
Great pic thar Captain......Ya don't look a bit sick...What a giant pool! Most beautiful too...Should have had some beach bunnies in the background, or maybe foreground? Ha ha ha :)
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rockcityaudiouk, Oct 23, 2008
Hey there!great to hear the good news that your getting along great.I hope I'm still kicking it like you if I get to be your age.
God bless you and thank you for sharing such enjoyable photos!please take more!.
best wishes,
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ireneo, Jan 24, 2010
I never thought to look at your photo album. This is such a cute picture. Your wife must be very proud to have you on her arm.
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Rosemary349, Jan 30, 2010
You look fun too!  :-)