On the way to first pediatrician appt.
On the way to first pediatrician appt.
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40smama, Oct 22, 2008
I'll bet these guys are keepin' you busy - they look a LOT alike, hon - jen
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BMnomore, Oct 22, 2008
Wow what little Angels, ConGrats Heather!
159063 tn?1247272817
babyprayers, Oct 22, 2008
oh my goodness they are absolutely beautiful, congrats to you
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Kari15, Oct 22, 2008
The pic brought tears to my eyes..  They are so beautiful!  Congrats again.
398038 tn?1247857003
candie429, Oct 22, 2008
They are absolutely adorable!!!!!  I am so happy for both you and your husband.  Enjoy your new family.  :)
178590 tn?1294176767
Brown Eyed Gurl, Oct 22, 2008
Gosh mine were bigger than that when they were born.....they're so precious though
377493 tn?1356502149
adgal, Oct 22, 2008
They are beautiful!!!  Absolutely perfect!!  Hello little Henry and Cadence, and welcome to the world!!!!
294043 tn?1354207946
Helen72, Oct 22, 2008
They look so adorable in matching outfits.  You did good!  I feel so happy for you.
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kp1212, Oct 25, 2008
My heart is so happy for you Heather!  What an amazing blessing. XOXO!
328927 tn?1227761840
HeathJo, Oct 28, 2008
Thanks so much you guys. We all have been through a LOT, and your comments about them looking good make ua all feel great!