Surprise!!!  Natural, miracle BFP while waiting on CD1 to start IVF
Surprise!!!  Natural, miracle BFP while waiting on CD1 to start IVF
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renae176, Sep 01, 2013
thats amazing, so many woman get preg right before IVF. thats Great news, Melissa so excited for you
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JennyB0125, Sep 01, 2013
BEAUTIFUL sight!! Im thrilled for you!
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Ellen038, Sep 01, 2013
This is the best news by far!! So happy for you preggie buddy :)
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krichar, Sep 01, 2013
Oh what a beautiful site!! I guess a summer of relaxation and vacations sure did wonders! That's a nice bright BFP!!
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Durban81, Sep 02, 2013
Its the best awesome news ever...
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Lolita214, Sep 02, 2013
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zara2010, Sep 02, 2013
Omg brilliant congratulations xx
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cheekyhalfs, Sep 02, 2013
Oh my...I've literally just got goosebumps! Huge huge congrats TTC, what wonderful news :) :)
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KTowne, Sep 02, 2013
So so happy for you, FX that it's a healthy, amazing 9 months ahead of you!
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TTC2006, Sep 02, 2013
Thanks everyone!  It got darker today, so I'm hoping it's a good and stuck little bean.  :)