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atthebeach, Jan 07, 2014
Hey gunn, you look awesome my friend. You are very handsome.
You have a new look of life, happiness, peace and freedom in your eyes.
Your  Life has been returned to you.
Congrats on regaining your life. I couldn't be happier for you and your family.
Thanks for sharing.
Much love and continued blessings,
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msdelight, Jan 07, 2014
You look awesome! Nice photo of you my friend!
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gunn73, Jan 11, 2014
thanx debbie and ms D.
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VICourageous, Jan 11, 2014
Nice Pic..You look so happy and content. You are a shinning star..Looking Good!!!
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Sonrissa, Jan 11, 2014
You look awesome!  Just like msdelight said. So great to see you, especially like this!  All the best!
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ROSYouralright, Jan 11, 2014
VERY HANDSOME!!!! Lovin the hair and the smile!!! Sobriety looks great on you!!
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gunn73, Jan 12, 2014
thank u ladies.. i m honoured
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ricart70, Jan 12, 2014
Lookk at that dude !!!   You should be on soap operas man  (compliment)
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gunn73, Jan 13, 2014
seriously mate... i s thinking of it too...... lol :D:D:D
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msdelight, Jan 13, 2014
Bollywood baby!