Just missed the garage after the wind blew it over
Just missed the garage after the wind blew it over
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MyMelBgirl, Jul 30, 2014
Oh wow! That must of been some strong wind....I'm glad it missed your garage and didn't hurt anyone. Looks like there is some chainsaw work now.
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VICourageous, Jul 30, 2014
LMAO! It has already been cut up into rounds and needs to be split. We do not get really strong winds, but this one was bad. There are all kind of trees down in the back 5 acres and more. This is where we go and get our wood for the winter.
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jugglin, Jul 30, 2014
So grateful there wasn't more damage. Somebody has their work cut out for them and it isn't you.
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VICourageous, Aug 01, 2014
ABN. I took the pic from the other side and it looks longer. It was a tall tree..That is what scares me when we do get some winds now and then..you can here them crack and fall in the back acres..Sometimes they fall on the dirt road that we have to come in & out of..We all get the chain-saws out..
Come on up and help cut trees ANYTIME! We are not in to good of shape to do this much any more. lol
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ActingBrandNew, Aug 01, 2014
I wish I could Vic! I really do. I love bucking up trees! Thank God it didn't hit your garage!
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VICourageous, Aug 01, 2014
HELP WANTED!!! Come on up ABN..I sure would trust you with the chain saw and cutting these trees..You did this for a living at one time, so I am sure you know your stuff..lol