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Dee1956, Jan 07, 2015
Hi I appreciate this, sorry to say I don't understand it.  I am back to taking probiotics, thanks to you.  I had forgotten I had taken them a year ago and they really helped me.
I started to feel better, stopped taking.  Big DUH!
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CoWriter, Jan 07, 2015
Remember on the post I wrote, on the part I talk about my son throwing the deodorant in the trash, then I say..."The liver is the first organ that encounters venous blood from the small and large intestines via the portal vein. So that makes the liver vulnerable to exposure of bacterial products coming from the intestines. Translocation of large amounts of gut-derived products is usually prevented by an intact barrier system made strong by intestinal epithelial cells. So in a healthy organism, only minor quantities of bacterial products reach the liver. In general, the liver tolerates small amounts of bacterial products in order to avoid harmful responses, but damage of the intestinal epithelial barrier results in a leaky gut that lets large amounts of bacterial products reach the liver."

On this picture, the part on the right upper says that probiotics make the intestines stronger so they don't leak bacterial products.