This is christmas time in australia.  sunny 32 degrees and seafood by the water.  I felt human..
This is christmas time in australia.  sunny 32 degrees and seafood by the water.  I felt human..
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Lizz67, Dec 13, 2008
Nice pic - seeing the sun and tropical flora makes me feel warm (a little) here in the cold US midwest.
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LeftCoastChick, Jan 09, 2009
Want to adopt me? I'm low maintance, It's been snowing in Vancouver for 2 weeks (never happens) !
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edmfender, Jan 10, 2009
If you want to adopt based on length and severity of winter weather, my situation November to April is much worse than Vancouver...(the tree huggers always whine the loudest, tee hee). Sorry LCC.  2 weeks? Ha!