March tulips
March tulips
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anwaar, Mar 29, 2008
A model of simplicity!  Beautiful contrast....  Very pretty Bill.  Did you plant these yourself?
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Deb_c430, Dec 04, 2008
love tulips,   I just ordered some, hope its not to late for them !
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Bill1954, Dec 04, 2008
Hi Deb,

I planted these tulips  a few years ago in December, I think. I did store them in the fridge for a couple of weeks before planting though; tulups seem to bloom better when they've gotten cold. You'll probably do well enough to put them in the ground immediately if you want to. Put bone meal back in the hole as you put them in, and it might help too :o).
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jesuslover, May 03, 2009
I love tulips too.
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krashing_now, Sep 04, 2009
I wish I was good at gardening and  beautiful flowers , maybe someday when I am around some green I might try it , these are just gorgeous! very nice Bill
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mariquita51, Dec 11, 2010
i bill  nice tulips do you know i like gardes too and i prefer red roses and orquids hope spelled correct  i should went to  school well mean here usa  hope the best to you
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blondie717, Dec 11, 2010
foo-foo   Can a horse eat? Will a goat thrive on it? Ha-Ha just kiding..Pretty flowers! Actually I bet my goat would eat it!