Never seen it this high!!!
Never seen it this high!!!
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VICourageous, Dec 09, 2015
If you click on it and make it big you can see the pic better.
Between that drawing on the cement, to that first pillar is where I walk the path to go to the sand beach. Up to the first pillar is where we can stop and park and go down to the river. Over on the right there is a big sandy beach. I have never seen it this high. We had snow that melted and it rained for over 3 days. Went up the road and some of the houses have the river right up to there back pouch.
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msdelight, Dec 10, 2015
Wow what a beautiful place! That water does look very high. Hope it recedes soon!
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VICourageous, Dec 10, 2015
Really HIGH! The river sits down low between those 2 middle pillars or whatever they are called. lol Sand beaches along both sides. The above is a railroad track. This water hole is right off the hwy so it can be a bit busy during the summer with rafters too. That is why I go to some of my so called "secret beaches"..Ha!

Now it is dumping Snow but it is suppose to melt. Strange winter for sure. The rives and lakes are usually very low this time of the yr and we would have at least 2-4ft or more of snow.

I read that we are having the El-Nino this yr. Wetter, cooler winters in the South and warmer, drier winters across most of the North. El-Nino means "little boy" or "Christ Child"

This high river at this time is not normal at all. Thanks
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MH Community Mgr, Dec 11, 2015
Be Safe !
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real_jimmy, Dec 30, 2015
It is good to have an air boat somewhere in the basement or something.
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stilltrying1965, Jun 07, 2016
I think this has a lot to do with global warming. so so sad that we destroy our own planet the place we live. And that is SAD