I had to see yes or no.  Now I want one that shows the weeks.
I had to see yes or no.  Now I want one that shows the weeks.  
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butterflybabies, Jun 29, 2016
Same here wanted to see the pregnant words on my test lol. I wish I had the weeks one but that wasn't available here at that time. Ahhh seriously I'm reliving my ivf/bfp thru you. I can't wait for your beta! Is that tomorrow?
790669 tn?1465189099
Des_a_rae, Jun 29, 2016
Yes tomorrow!  I cant wait!  I know they probably won't but man I'd love a quick ultrasound just to see how many are in there.  
Aww!!! You girls are amazing!!! <3
334926 tn?1436811523
butterflybabies, Jun 30, 2016
My first u/s was at 5wks! So maybe next week you'll get one!
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TTC2006, Jun 30, 2016
I'd wait another week for the first ultrasound. They won't be able to see much of anything this early.  Another week and they will for sure!
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Hollus, Jul 02, 2016