Our girl xx
Our girl xx
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cheekyhalfs, Nov 01, 2016
Hello Sophie, hope you're doing fabulously :)
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mhv, Nov 01, 2016
Well, hello little one :)  how cute!!  So nice to see her nice!  Thanks for sharing your precious daughter :)
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mhv, Nov 01, 2016
So nice to see her face. ..
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Hollus, Nov 05, 2016
She is such a lucky little girl and you are the luckiest parents!! So happy for you all; I am crying tears of joy!!
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mandaszoo, Nov 05, 2016
Thank you all. Wish could upload from my phone as only few pics on laptop. Sophie is our little star and we love her so much. We wished with all our hearts for a child to love and could not be happier that the difficult and heartbreaking journey led us here x
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Belle313, Nov 05, 2016
What a lucky, beautiful little girl you have M. So happy for you my dear
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krichar, Nov 08, 2016
She's beautiful :)