latest mri 12-7-17
latest mri 12-7-17
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selmaS, Dec 20, 2017
If too much bone is chipped away you can develop cerebral ptosis......also known as brain slump....that could be why it appears that you still have a herniation.....May I ask who did the second surgery? Do you have a coy of the OR report?
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The_beat_goes_on, Dec 25, 2017
The same neurosurgeon did my second surgery ... Dr Dong Kim.  I don't have a copy of the OR report.  What would I look for, if I did?  This surgeon and his staff seem to genuinely care ... and have never given up on me.  Tomorrow I have an LP to check for inflammation / pressure ... and the 29th I am getting a picc line for an MRI with contrast.  I'm really crossing my fingers that all these hoops produce more than a bandaid for these issues,
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selmaS, Dec 26, 2017
If you had the report you would want another expert to look at the amount of bone chipped away for both make sure you did not develop cerebral ptosis.....

Did they rule out EDS...sorry I don't recall .