Cedar chest project...  To this   6/3/20
Cedar chest project...  To this   6/3/20
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Jade59, Jun 09, 2020
Wow, Barb, what a difference, this is gorgeous, you did a beautiful job.  Must of taken you some time!  6 mo's it looks like from the before pic.  

There are 2 cedar chests at my parents house.  Well, my Dad's now.  One was my Nana's and has been in one of the Many closets there for 50 yrs.  It's fairly basic; nothing to brag about.  The other was my Mother's.  It's much different, gorgeous wood, and while Nana's had a flat top, my Mom's has a bubble top with a divided tray attached to it inside.  It's really beautiful.  I would love to have it someday (hoping I don't have to fight my sister for it), but the problem is, where to put it in my small home.  When the time comes, I may have to harden my heart, rethink items in the living room and put it out there.  No room for it in my bedroom and certainly no room in our spare room, as my husband had to build a closet in it (he actually built closets in both bedrooms since all they came with were coat size closets.  Armoires had to of been used) cutting way down on space.  
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Barb135, Jun 10, 2020
Thank you Jade... it did take a long time to get this refinished, but part of that was my own fault because I kept leaving it work on other projects.  :-)  I've actually had it in my shop since about 2007 or 2008, but hadn't actually done much of anything with it until about 6 months ago when I decided to get it done.   This one does have divided tray inside, as well.   I do like the flat top as I can actually set something on it, if need be - though I probably won't.

Both the chests you mentioned sound very pretty.  If you have to do away with something in your living room, if you did get your mother's chest, remember, they do make great storage.  Depending on how it's built and how large it is, you might be able to have it double as an end table, foot stool, etc.  I have mine at the foot of the bed right now, but not sure if that's where it's going to stay... I need to do some rearranging and see it all turns out.
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dominosarah, Jun 10, 2020
You are so talented Barb~
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Barb135, Jun 11, 2020
Thank you, dominosarah.