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For adults who have ADD/ADHD, suspect they might, or anyone who lives with, loves or works with an ADHD adult! Join us in sharing your experiences, questions, and (especially the tools or strategies you use to perform at your best level).
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I was diagnosed this summer with a generic "inattention disorder" by my regular doctor. He prescribed a pretty low dose of Adderall to st...
Just started on 36 mg of Concerta (after 2 weeks on 18mg) after being diagnosed with ADHD primarily inattentive. I'm 36 and up until no...
What are some tips to manage your adhd with the anxiety that comes along with it? Face it we get anxious and irritable and exciteable so ...
I have been on Ritilin off and on for many years now, and it just doesn't last long anymore or give me the concentration, it use to give,...
I am on sertariline Zoloft and I am also taking a beta blocker called propananol- these two in combination with an adhd medicine sort of ...
I am a 30 year old male who has been taking adhd meds for over 7 years. I also have become very good at pleasureing myself and women. I...
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