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ive had a painless sore in the floor of my mouth for 3 weeks accompanied by an occasional white tonge today i noticed a cut like sore on ...
Hello! Just looking for some insight, I have been seeing a provider for lots of work up, not feeling well off and on and just fatigue. Sh...
I have had low wbc for years anywhere between 2.8 and 3.2. Saw hematologist who wasn’t concerned and monitored it for a few months. Most ...
Hello, During a routine medical examination, the doctor found a "ganglion" (node) in the right clavicle. He asked me a lot of quest...
hello, a son of mine was born. my son passed away in his 7th month. Genetic testing was performed, neomaline myopathy 2 was diagnosed in ...
I have been watching this angiomyolipoma since 2012, when it was 11 mm. This year, 2020, it grew too much, to 25 mm. And I have this tai...
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