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Hello Everyone, I have a curious question. What essential is Elevated IGA? I have look all around google and there is not much informa...
My sister has had some blood work showing the possibility of celiac disease. She is 70 years old and is asymptomatic. Her Dr. wants to do...
Gluten free is all the rage. Sigh. But how do you tell the difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac? And how do you diagnose gl...
Over the last two years, I've been having serious stomach pains that come and go. Essentially it feels like serious cramps in my stomach ...
WBC 3.5, RBC 3.9, RDW 11.7, Platelet 134, MPV 13.9, Neutrophils 43.0, Lymphocytes 42.8, Monocytes 9.0, Eosinophils 4.3, Basophils 0.6, Ne...
Hello! First time poster here. I'm 22 years old and having a really hard time interpreting my results wanted to know if anyone had any...
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