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My 9 yr old son started crying this week, pretty much every evening and doesn't seem to know why. He just all of the sudden gets weepy a...
I am a daycare/preschool teacher. I teach 3 and 4 year olds. I have one child in my class who does pretty good during the day but when sh...
our neighbor has a kid who is 10 yo boy and my son is 14 and they hang out a lot and like to swim. One day they were changing and they bo...
Times have greatly changed from when I was a kid! Enter electronics. I've read and know the addictive component to gaming. And it is tr...
This is so extremely hard for me to write and I apologize because I know it will be long. My 3 year old daughter was taking a bath an...
I have a big problem, I have a almost 7 year old daughter and for some time now she has been putting her hands down her pants while watch...
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