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My husband and I have begun fostering a 14yr old girl and I'm wondering if her behavior towards him may be inappropriate or indictive of ...
is it normal for 8 year old girls not to clean after going to the toilet? My 8 year old will not wipe properly and her pants smell every...
My seven year old has been licking his hands/ fingers for several weeks. It appears to be very compulsive with a lack of awareness on hi...
I have a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. They are generally well behaved, good in school etc. The problem we are having is they...
My 14 year old slept at my moms house, she complained that during the night he went into her bed and was touching her buttocks, another f...
10 mo old shakes throughout the day randomly. She doesn't seem to loose consciousness and the first EEG she didn't shake while monitored....
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