Cystic Fibrosis Community

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is an inherited disease that causes mucus to be thick and sticky which can clog the lungs, causing breathing problems and making it easy for bacteria to grow and cause lung infections or damage. Discuss topics including prevention methods, causes, symptoms and treatment options.
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hi just wondering what the odds would be... my sister has been told here 5 week old has cf but looking at all the symptoms and what not w...
Ok my son is 21 mos and I have noticed that I taste salt on his skin. Is this normal or should I worry? I thought we all tasted a little...
My 5 year old niece has a possible diagnois of CF, and her blood sugar was 130. Has anyone had any problems with diabetes. We are waiting...
One of the responses to my prvious questions mentioned that there were other women on this forum who have CF and have ovarian cysts. I wo...
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