DECEMBER 2011 BABIES!!!! Group

If you're due in december join this group we'll have lots of fun waiting for our little bundles of perfectness to arrive this is a perfect group for you if you're scared need answers need someone to talk to if you're on bedrest (like I am) well do lots of fun activities to keep us busy and our minds off how far away December seems
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lets hear it all good bad not sure yet its ok.... I'll tell you how mine went lol! so I get in the car with my two youngest babies Joshua...
Is anyone else having period like cramps? I was asleep but woke to cramping, that was painful enough to wake me. They then lasted about a...
Im so devastated. I miscarried this baby, my first after trying for 4 years to conceive. I started bleeding last night and went to the em...
I'm starting to prepare myself for the worst. I've noticed that since yesterday my boobs got less sore (almost no soreness) and smaller. ...
OK welp the doc called guess im having my ultrasound done today at 12:15 yayayayayay!!!!! im a little nervous tho..... but extreamly exci...
I only think it would be fair if we change the picture this form is not just about1 person and her DH is about all of us and our pregnanc...
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