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Questions in the Diabetes forum are answered by medical professionals. Topics covered include Type 2 Diabetes, blood glucose monitoring, diabetes and heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia, diabetes and pregnancy, diabetes and vision problems, diabetes and wound healing, diabetic complications, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, and insulin.
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hello experts M father is 57year old and is diabetic for around 12years he was taking metformin hcl 500mg till december last year w...
I am a 26 year old female and gave been having worsening symptoms recently. Several years ago I had a high fasting blood insulin but not...
My mom is having diabetes since past 14 years. From last 2-3 weeks she is having nausea and vomitting and is not able to eat anything. Sh...
Good Morning A short background on my thyroid disorder. 2003 Dx/Graves - 2004 RAI - present Hypothyroid (subclinical 3.34) medically i...
I drank hot chocolate had little oj and I have very bad headache maybe too much sugar. im not diabetic haven't had problems but my head...
I am 59 years old and recently had a triple heart by pass. In the middle of last year I had a cholesterol test at a local pharmacy and th...
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