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I’m going to try and Explain this as best I can. I’m not that great with words. I thought I was in the perfect relationship. We dated for...
so for the past year or so my now ex gf had been struggling with depression and was very insecure with herself and her body. It was tough...
My husband has cheated on me after we've been together for almost 4 years... He said that he was drunk and it's not count as an affair. H...
I will start this post saying I am from Europe (sorry for my English) and my husband is American. Idk what to do, I would never expect...
So many emotions after a hard break up. Rage comes to mind. Is this something either you have or your ex has toward you? Tell me about...
Break ups are always hard but am wondering if anyone is alone this season? This time of year can really emphasize the pain of that relat...
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