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I had a vitrectomy for RD about 3 weeks ago. This is after a pneumatic retinopexy and two rounds of laser for previous tears. Aka, a lot ...
I had s cornea transplant in April now they been in removing them slowly had 16 now have 12 stitches left? Every time then messaure my ...
I got a new pair, the first 3-4 days my vision was sharp and clear both up close and far away. However, after that my vision is blurrier ...
Hi all, I have ongoing PVD in both eyes as evidenced by flashing, had this for a year or so which is disappointing. The more one conce...
The gas bubble in my eye, now 7 weeks post macular hole, IRM peeling, vitrectomy surgery started breaking up into smaller bubbles a few d...
Looking at my cellphone the background walls/space looks double . And if i look at the wall my cellphone looks double . ... why.
Can someone explain, in “Optics for Dummies” terms, how intraocular lens power relates to contact lens prescription power? I’ve had mono...
What does fluid pockets.in the gel of vetrous mean? What are the symptoms of this? Lastly what do the do for it?
Hello, I had an eye exam yesterday and the doctor gave me the dilating drops right before the vision acuity test. I understand that they...
When I am trying to read anything ( specially digital text ) I perceived the text as not been straight. What is it ? Could I possible ti...
I have been given some antibiotic eye drops, I noticed that if accidentally knocked them into a bowl of water for 15 minutes. The lid was...
I know a few small drusens does not make one AMD. What gives one an official diagnoses of AMD? Other than drusen what else goes wrong w...
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