First-Time Parents (with 0-6 Month-Old Baby) Community

WELCOME TO THE FIRST-TIME PARENT’S COMMUNITY: This is a support community for parents of children aged 0 to 6 months. Discussions in this community are related to the medical, financial and social challenges new parents face including development, sleep issues, babysitters, crying, teething, diapering, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, selecting a pediatrician, when to call the doctor, and all other new parent concerns.
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My 3 month old was invited to his 1 year old cousins birthday party (with us of course) but I am nervous about going because last weekend...
My boy will sleep for up to four hours sometimes, but has been super awake during the last couple of days- sometimes (like today), for up...
I stared getting cold sores a few years ago. Since I had my first baby (3 months ago) it seems like I have been breaking out constantly! ...
Well, my diaper change experience is always messy with my boy spraying just when I change him. I tried changing his diaper on the bed, on...
The only way I can get my son to fall asleep is to lay him on my chest. Are there any tips to getting him to fall asleep on his on?
To start off, I am pregnant with my first child and am currently 3 months. A month ago I was having stomach pains and for 2 days it hurt ...
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