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After a bowel movement I see a very slight oil sheen( it is always clear ) on the surface of the toilet water. I can't see it unless lig...
I had gall bladder surgery 13 years ago. Recently I have been experiencing severe pain in my lower right back. After a visit to my intern...
Antrum preserving longitudinal gastrectomy, by having this procedure to cure Gastroparesis, will it cause Dumping Syndrome ?
Unfortunately was served bad meat and realized too late - perhaps a combination of that and the medicine I was given to address it - but ...
I am 18 years old. Male. 8 months ago i lost the ability to hold flatulence in. That isn't all, but i realized there is a breeze coming o...
I made a dish for the office pot lock that contained egg and I think it may have been undercooked because I followed 2 recipes and accide...
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