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I’ve been having an ongoing stinging type pain in my upper to middle abdomen on the left side into the middle area for about a week now. ...
I've seen a few people ask this question but since the results I saw were from several month's ago, I was hoping maybe someone out there ...
Please help - Stool is abnormal Age: 15 Sex: Male Height/weight: 5’8”/130 Health conditions: None (nothing that I know of) ...
First off, a few details about myself. I'm 17, male, no health complications. Not too long ago I went to the bathroom and when I inspecte...
I though I was eating smoked fish that was a week old. Taking to my mom on the phone, I realize it's three weeks old. Immediately after...
I have pretty good reason to believe that my stomach became inflamed sometime in early February. Around February 1, I got a stomach bug (...
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