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So im having diarrea like symptoms. Multiple bowel movements ( more than 5 today) however they're all solid and no liquid. Mostly yellow ...
I was told that my watery eyes (dry eye syndrome) may be connected to my low functioning gall bladder, but I have not seen this listed an...
My stomach feels bloated and causes shortness of breath. Causes difficulty sleeping and occasional pain on my right side. I need to pro...
I am a healthy guy, 62, work out, eat pretty well, run 4 miles 5 days a week. But every time I eat one of those Roasted Rotissarie Ch...
So I had normal color stool I check as I’m always afraid I have cancer. I looked at it after it came out looked fine water was fine. I s...
Dottie i read your post and i have the same pain and it doesnt really have a schedule when it comes. Mine doesnt feel as big as yours min...
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