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My mother has been having these gurgling noises coming from her throat. When she is eating this happens also and when it does she begins...
Hello. So I was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week. I was only ill for like 3-4days. I ate during this time period. Not alot but I did con...
I recently had, both, an endoscopy and colonoscopy procedure. The colonoscopy result was self-explanatory. The endoscopy results however ...
I recently got an all clear result on stool samples by my doctor. However, that did not clear up what the round dark yellow objects (siz...
September 26th I had an emergency appendectomy and also got sepsis. So now I have this lump where incision is and thought for sure I had ...
Hello, I am writing on this forum out of desperation. I am a 22 year old female who is 5’8 tall and 120-130 pounds (basically I am thin) ...
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