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So I have had IBS for a very long time. In the last few years my so-called bowel movements are anything but(moving). Lots of straining....
Hi, About a year or so ago I had an episode of foul smelling/tasting burps that led to an episode of severe upper abdominal pain. Lik...
I am 2 weeks post op as of today. I still feel very sore in my ribs and sternum and feel bruised throughout my chest cavity. My dr put me...
A year ago now my husband (34) started experiencing a sensitivity to fats and oils. The start of this coincided with a period of time whe...
I recently got an all clear result on stool samples by my doctor. However, that did not clear up what the round dark yellow objects (siz...
I have had a Nissen Fundoplication, twice. The last one was about two years ago. I know this can cause problems with gas bloat but this i...
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