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Symptoms: 39 y/o male, 215lbs, Right upper quadrant abdominal pain, distinct pain in the exact same spot under the lower ribs, several t...
I did not know whether to ask this in the Gastroenterology community or the Ears, Nose, and Throat one. In short, for the last three or f...
I'm also experiencing a capsule looking object in my stools from time to time. I've had a colonoscopy done and tested positive for H.p...
Fecal odor from the anus is driving me crazy! I have tried everything to resolve the situation to no avail and feel as though it's to ...
Hi, I am female, 28, athletic, slim, eat a healthy diet. I have a complex set of gut symptoms... 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with ...
I am having intestinal cramps so severely I cannot do anything except to squirm for a comfortable position and scream/cry in agonizing pa...
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