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Welcome to the Hepatitis B - Philippines community! This community is a place to ask questions about Hepatitis B, medical issues, research topics, questions about the initial period after diagnosis, treatment, information and participation in discussions about clinical research related to hepatitis.
Ako po ay isang seaman may hepa b na kasalukuyang onboard sa ibang bansa. Meron ako iniinom na gamot para sa hepa b ko. Gusto ko lang po...
Hello alam nyo ba tel number ng new clinic ni dr jerome gallestre?
Hi guys i just got my result for my hep-b yesterday it would be my happiest day ever in my life I am now negative. Just take care of yo...
Hi mga kababayan ko wag kayo mawalan ng pag asa makapag abroad tulad ng madam dito isa din ako Hep B carrier nalaman ko nung nag apply ak...
Hello po, sa mga nkaexperience po uminom ng tenofovir para sa may mga chronic hepa b, ano po una nawawala? un Hbeag (infectious) or Hbsag...
Hepatitis b
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