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I got full course of HBV doses at the age of 2. At age 19, I got a booster dose and then now a month later a second dose. Still, my serol...
Hello everyone.. I had test of my hep b AB befor 2 months It was 13.66 mlU/mL A question is : When should I retake extra vaccine of...
TODAY is world hepatitis day and we all are watching hopefully for the sunrise of a cure against hep b. I wish things will be feasible so...
Can I get Hepatitis B or C for sharing a couple drinks with someone while I had an open sore inside muy mouth? I read online that i'ts n...
I'm sure many of you have followed my journey through the clinical trial of TDF vs TAF since 2014. That journey ended at September 2021 a...
My Dr prescribed topical clobetasol for my scalp dermatitis for 2 weeks and it is very strong steriod. I am inactive hep B carrier and I ...
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