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Hepatitis B Community

i have a reactive hbsag, what to do and what should i eat on it.... do i need continue drinking fresh milk and chocolate
I just saw the note about this site closing on May 31st, 2024 and it being made into read only and we will not be able to post here any m...
Hello everyone. I would like to ask if which is more effective for Hepa B, TAF or TDF? Your responses are highly appreciated. Thank you.
Hi everyone After 18mths of viral meds, my viral load is now undetected, but ALT/AST are still above the normal ranges. ALT = 60 ...
https://journals.lww.com/cld/fulltext/2024/01010/how_to_achieve_a_functional_cure_for_chronic.43.aspx?context=latestarticles This is an ...
I’ve tried filtering through google and this forum but the posts I’m finding are 10+ years old and information is conflicting. Is ora...
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