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This forum is an un-mediated, patient-to-patient forum for questions and support regarding Hepatitis B. Topics in this forum include but are not limited to, Causes, Diagnosis, Family and Relationships, Living With Hepatitis B, Research Updates, Treatment, Success Stories, Support, Symptoms.
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Just got first hbsag quantitative: 30 iu/ml. How accurate is this type of test? I am in USA.
Doctor called me, my alt went to 1000. I started treatment 3 weeks ago when it was 500, I don’t even know why it was like that , but it...
So I have been hearing that people with Suppressed immune system should take extra precausion with Covid-19. My question, what would ...
hello people,i am and my mother 55 years old got hepb with delta agent, we already use sebivo for more than 2 years my test have HBV DNA ...
I have 24 week negative Hepatitis panel yet I am still itchy all over, burning mouth with burning rash on lip that isn’t herpes after con...
Took 1st dose on 21 Oct 2011 and on 11 Jan 2012 HBV DNA not detected. Below is the lab history, Date ...
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