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This forum is an un-mediated, patient-to-patient forum for questions and support regarding Hepatitis B. Topics in this forum include but are not limited to, Causes, Diagnosis, Family and Relationships, Living With Hepatitis B, Research Updates, Treatment, Success Stories, Support, Symptoms.
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October 2019 did blood test viral load was 210.000.000 ui/ml hbv dna quant log 8.30 ui/ml. And now in january 11 2020 viral load 137.800....
Hi Everyone First of all I would like to thank everyone for sharing information and experiences in this forum but in particular in St...
Jun,2011. confirmed with hep B. [alt 123 (9-60 U/L), ast 109 (10-40 UL)] hbsag + hbsab - hbvdna 8.2*10^7 IU/mL in Sep, 2011, star...
I have been using Liv52 HB for past 5 months. Just posting my results Aug 2011 - 733 iu/ml Nov 2011 - 1100 iu/ml Feb 2012 - 1790 iu/...
I've recently learned that the Vitamin D3 supplements I have been taking from Nature's Bounty, contains an ingredient that is basically t...
Hi. Happy New Year! Lab rest result 10.1.2020. What is mean this blood test result? P-Krea 49, Pt-GFReEPi 118, P-CRP <1, P-Alb 38, ...
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