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This forum is an un-mediated, patient-to-patient forum for questions and support regarding Hepatitis B. Topics in this forum include but are not limited to, Causes, Diagnosis, Family and Relationships, Living With Hepatitis B, Research Updates, Treatment, Success Stories, Support, Symptoms.
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So it's been a bit since I've posted, and for those that follow, know I am on TAF for Chronic Hepatitis B towards the end of a clinical t...
For those that recall, I've been on the clinical trial for TDF vs. TAF. It's a double blinded study which means I do not which drug I was...
Hello, I just went through a 1 week gastroenteritis. I am still feeling very weak and nauseated. As I am not vaccined my doctor aske...
I want to undergo pegylated interferon treatment for 48 weeks. But I'm afraid of the side effects, so I want to ask if there are any majo...
I’m a married i committed a biggest sin my life that I received unprotected oral blowjob for 1minute and had lip kiss (not French kiss)fr...
Are spider angiomas common signs of hep b .... also are broken capillaries also signs?.....are they only specific to hbv .... Does anyo...
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