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hey there: i brought a large saftey pin to work today to try and open a watch. on the public subway platform and on the train itself ...
Fort Jackson April 1978. I was 17 years old. I received those memorable Jet Gun vaccines as all those who shared experiences on the MedH...
In the early Eighties while in Basic Training we were lined up and given shots with the same needle. Blood was dripping down everyone's a...
From October to January I was dating Guy A and living with him. In January i found out he lied about his testing status and slept with 2...
Hi! I am not asking for members to help me find a particular doctor, rather I am asking for members to help me locate medical consultants...
Hi everybody , i just want to ask some questions: - what time of the window period of HCV ? - is the both infection hcv cause latency...
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