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I'm very worried plz help me, I had a car accident i got a tiny wound and my hand got some blood from the passenger then i only touched m...
Hello. I had some routine blood work done. I haven't seen a doctor yet but I am a little freaked out: Alkaline Phosphatase 38 (33-13...
I am 56 years old female. Never used drugs of any sort, but had two blood transfusions back in the 80's during my 2 C-sections. Is it p...
I had a car accident i was wounded and my hand got some blood from the passenger then i touched my wounded area with my hands , if he has...
Is Stage 2 fibrosis of the liver reversable?
My husband has finished his 6 months therapy with Epclusa this Monday. He didn't take silymarin while he was on Th.That was also advise, ...
I had Hep C in 2008 and took the treatments with the help from the Be In Charge program and now I have a friend who needs help and doesn'...
Can hep c /B be transmitted by using sex toys like strapon which was penetrated inside anus or vagine even it was cleaned by Sterilizer ...
I want to donate my body to a school.
Can i catch hapatit c from shaving shop depsite he changed the razor blade before start shaving my head and moreover he sprayed the tool ...
I have an odd question to do with how fast the liver can regenerate itself. I've read in here that liver damage can occur in Hep C b/...
Hey there, hope you all are doing great. I was getting a haircut at a barber shop. While he was finishing things up with a hair clipper, ...
I'm confused about how hepatitis C can live on surfaces for 3 weeks. I was working with someone who said they had hepatitis C and weren't...
I worked in a facility that did increase my exposure to Hep C slightly due to working with the homeless. Someone who claimed to be Hep C...
The clinic that performed the positive test also performed a Hcv NAA Quant that was undectectable.
Hi Experts. I had a sexual exposure where blood was involved. My question is simple. When is the right time (window period) to test for H...
Good afternoon everyone. I am looking for serious answers to this questions that has been worrying me for the past two days. I was at the...
I have asked this question before, and I’m getting mixed answers. I have this man in my church with hep c. He had a bottle of water with ...
I accidentally used another person's nail-scissors to trim my mostache and I cut myself (superficial skin cut). The scissors were washed ...
Hi, I had a nude body to body massage with an escort 18 days ago. During the encounter she first massaged my back and buttocks with her...
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