Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HHC) Group

This is a rarely diagnosed and the most common genetic disorder/disease in North America, that causes IRON OVERLOAD in the body's tissues, organs and joints and I am welcoming anyone who has unexplained arthritic joint and muscle pain, diabetes, liver disease, heart problems, and hormonal issues in both male and female, Northern European background, predominantly Irish and Scottish, have unexplained ELEVATED LIVER ENZYMES and have dr.s tell them they have FIBROMYALGIA or OSTEO ARTHRITIS to join this site and tell their stories. Only by sharing information will we be able to save lives!!! Early detection is the key. Join now and share your frustrations, your diagnosis, your questions.
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Anyone that has this disease will not know about it in many cases until well into the course of the disease and damage done to organs and...
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