Ideas for economical living . Group

We are all in a tough time in America so it seems a good idea to share tips, ideas, for economical living, how do we afford new 'stuff' and where can we get good 'used stuff '..be interested in any ideas to cope .what may be a long haul.When the going gets tough the tough get going '
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Another one of the Peekahouseholds constant problems. The dogs (and Mr. Peek) track in mud. And Mr. Peek is constantly bleeding after ...
hahah I can see it'll be $5 before long and as we dont drill for oil although America is loaded with oil , but the illustrious one wont l...
I'm obsessed with cleaning now, THANKS a lot. I'm using white vinegar/water, mixed 50/50, and put in a spray bottle. Works far better...
Don't remember where I stole this from but I use it at least once a week! Make your Own "Cream of ..." Soup 2 Tbs butter 2 Tbs fl...
Well I figured I would share some things here. I dont know why this site is so slow. Y'all must have oodles of money or something. :) Ok,...
With all this talk about inflation I wondered if any folks here are storing food, I have been buying extra cans and dried goods, on anoth...
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