Is my boyfriend gay please help Group

I want to start by saying that I love my boyfriend and he is a wonderful father. But for the past year I have found gay porn, I didn't confront him about this right away in fear that I would embarrass him, so it wasn't until he said something extremely hurtful to me that I finally said something to him he said he just looks and that's it. Well lately I Started noticing more and more I told myself to just leave it alone it's not like he's trying to contact anyone. Mind you men on men gay porn was the only type of porn and pictures I was finding. So the more he was looking at it the more I kept finding and ssearching. I've become consumed and than I found him Looking at men locally who had a similar situation and was looking to eexperiment. After finding out about that I still didn't want to confront him until I couldn't take it anymore, I was crying every night, I was overwhelmed in my thoughts. So when I showed him he flipped out and said I sent that message and it wasn't him and just kept blaming me and it wasn't me!!! I would know!!! Well I found out he had another email address so I got into it and found that he had subscribed to 2 different dating websites and on both profiles he put gay for orientation!! No matter if it said gay or straight I'd still be furious and extremely hurt and betrayed but honestly I think it hurts a little more because I do think that he wants a man. We spoke about it today and needless to say that he has denied the websites saying I Created it and I've gone too far...but I didn't do ththat!!why would I!!?? But he did admit to the Craigslist email and said he wanted to talk to someone about the feelings he has been having for many years now. He admitted he did try to be with a man but it only got to touching chests and it couldn't go further. He said he has spoken to a therapist about it and she said that it's video voyeurism and that watching it turns him on but could never act in it. I'm having a really hard time understanding this,I told him we can take a break if he needs to find himself but i Can no longer pretend this isn't hhappening,it's gone too far now!! Please someone anyone with any input I'm extremely desperate to try to understand this and I can't wait to see a relationship counselor I need some advice asap!!sorry for such a long post but this was the shortest I was able to Sum it all up. Thank u
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