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There are many opportunities to interact live with experts in MS - either by teleconference or in person. I will continue to post notices of these coming events on the main MS Forum, but will also copy them to this group. The posts on the main forum move so fast to the second page, this group will give us a central location to check for these live events without having to continually bump them. If you know of a presentation in your area, or a teleconference or video conference on the internet that might be of interest, please feel free to add it to this group. Remember, we can't learn too much. Knowledge is power, and we're in this together. be well, Lulu
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Has anyone with m/s had any experience with quinine for relief of cramps and spacticity?
You can find presentations on Ampyra in your area through this link............. http://ampyra.com/seminar/
Henry Ford Health System will hold an MS discussion with Dr. Mirela Cerghet, M.D. She will discuss MS predispositions, symptoms, treatm...
MS LADIES LUNCHEON - THE INS AND OUTS OF MS - HANDLING PAIN Thursday, Oct. 14 11:00 - 1:00 Captanis Quarters 5700 Captains Quarters r...
MS Lifelines has a large number of live events coming - this is an easy to site - you can look by your state. they currently have 95 liv...
There will be an Ask the Expert event sponsored by the National MS Society Michigan Chapter on Saturday, October 23, 2010 9 am -- 11:30...
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