Medhelp Photographers Group

To join, you don't need to have photography experience or a fancy camera. All you need is a camera and the joy of taking pictures.
It captures my Kids personalities to a Tee. Taken St Patrick's day 2009 Universal Studios, CA
I've shared this photo on another forum and would like to share it here as well. This was taken when I was doing black & white photograp...
These are some of my small collectible items in the edge of the flower bed. The table and chairs are craftsman styled furniture - and th...
Here is one of the photos from our LA Zoo trip. I took this through a chain link fence and it was really tricky getting the focus on the...
What's autumn like in your area? Is this year pretty typical or not? Feel free to share.
So you got a cheap camera. It only zooms 4x, if it zooms at all. No need to let that stop you from taking a decent macro (close up) shot ...
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