POAS Addicts Group

POAS Anonymous Group All of us in the trying to conceive game have been there. You find yourself wanting to fulfill the satisfaction of doing an hpt but know very well it's too early. Well at POASAG we don't judge!
My name is Ashley and I am 26 years old. My husband and I have been TTC since Oct. 2009. We are currently taking Clomid and I am on cyc...
Woke up this morning at 12 dpo and did 2 tests 1 cheap brand from ebay and got a bfn then a first response gt a bfp (but very faint) thro...
Well am only 7 dpo and gave in to that tenptation and peed on a stick, no surprise got BFN. Ah well at least fulfilled my need loool
So i came across this group and wanted to share my recent POASaholic story...LOL!!! After my last miscarriage I came across an ebay store...
hello, my name is kelli and im addicted to pissing on a stick.. I have been know to do it just for fun even when i know for sure im not ...
Any of you ladies experience pink evap lines an hour after a BFN when using $ tree tests? I have never had this problem with these tests ...
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