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I went to a pain management clinic for over 15 years but I cannot find a new clinic that will accept me because I take Xanax AND I CANNOT...
I have very advanced, severe Crohn;s disease. I take NSAIDS, steroids, and narcotics, for this condition and a spine condition (all but 3...
100mg ms contin er tweice a day given to replace 3-100mcg fentanyl patches and I am still in pain why?Is dose equal
I was recently admitted into the hospital last week with a hernia and gastritis. I had abdominal pain and kidney pain. While running te...
Has anyone had a pump implanted and has it helped? I' dissapointed as to the results. I take morphine sulfate for breakthrough pain. I'm ...
I have this consistent dull pain below my bra line on the right side. It feels like it is either the rib cage itself or just below it, no...
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