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Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me understand a problem that's come up at my pharmacy. Last month I was waiting on a Prior Aut...
I have been in pain management for 3 years never had a failed urine test. My last appointment my Dr. said a Opiate Blocker should up in m...
For about a week now everytime I try to open a door or even a bottle of coke I will get a terrible shocking pain in my thumb and then it ...
If I understand correctly, 12mg is the lowest dose for the ER of Dilaudid and 8 is the max for immediate release. My MD is considering pu...
My doctor reduced me to the above dose and its going terribly. The conversion for the fent for that dose is 50 to 75Mcg. My dr said to tr...
I hit a parked car. Damage was under $1000. Officer took a blood test. Results came back with xanix therefore the charged me with DUI my ...
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