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Not in a sexual way just for interest or something else. Because mine sometimes join in my room when im naked but she never mention an...
He is 25, never done this as a child. Was raised in a clean home. I recently had to remove the carpet due to flies and maggots being in h...
Looking to discuss the challenges of helping a strong willed 18y/o young man through the dangers of drugs and potentially getting into tr...
My 16yr old is having some GI issues. She has been throwing up since Febuary and the EDG they did came up with nothing. She has taken med...
Well...I went into his bedroom space to steal an oatmeal cream pie and lo and behold he has everything out in the open. I confronted him ...
Sorry this is going to be long but I'm so frustrated and just don't know what to do. History: So my youngest son has always been immat...
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