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My Mother-in-Law has Acute Flaccid Paralysis due to West Nile Virus Infection. I have read that this condition is similar to Parkinson's ...
dx with BFS 2005, had Right side cranial base fx 1991. Have had 2 years of left side fasciculations and pain, bilateral hand peripheral ...
Hi- thank you to who ever is reading this and I apologize if this a long explanation but I hope someone has some answers or similar exp...
I am a 45 year old male with 4 previous heart surgeries. Have Horners syndrome from one of the surgeries and a paralyzed vocal chord from...
While writing the my hand is shaking. till Btech 2rd year, I don't have any problem, it started Btech 3rd year only. due this problem ...
I have nausea without vomiting particularly in the mornings. It usually gets better as the day wears on but I often take of ran to stop i...
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